How should babies cope with dry weather in autumn and winter?

The climate in autumn and winter is dry, and the climate in winter is dry and cold, with low humidity. If you don't pay attention to moisturizing the skin, it can cause a lot of water loss in the skin, which is easy to form temporary wrinkles, that is, an increase in small wrinkles. Once small wrinkles appear, there is no need to worry. There are five magic weapons for babies to fight against the dryness of winter:
1. Skin cleaning: It is advisable to keep the skin fresh
Cleaning the skin is the top process for maintaining a baby's skin, and it is the key to maintaining the skin. Cleaning the skin can promote the renewal of the baby's skin, add skin absorption functions, simulate skin diseases, and clean the baby's skin. Simply wash with water, or use baby shower gel, so that the baby's skin is fresher and cleaner.
2. Keeping Wet: Properly Add Baby to Keep Wet Product Usage
In winter, the climate is dry, the temperature drops, and the skin has not yet fully adapted to the changes in the climate, resulting in a decrease in the excretion of sweat glands on the skin, making it appear very dry. Although the skin during infancy is relatively delicate, it can also be damaged by dryness in winter. Therefore, it is necessary to add appropriate amounts of baby moisturizing products, especially in the north to keep the baby's tender skin dry and even cracked. There are many special moisturizing baby moisturizing products on the market, such as baby frozen moisturizing cream, baby milk nourishing cream, baby lip moisturizing gel, baby special moisturizing baby moisturizing cream, etc, Both can maintain the baby's strong resistance to the dry winter weather to varying degrees.
3. Imitation sun cream: Choose a low index imitation sun cream
In winter, although the ultraviolet rays in sunlight are not as intense as in summer, during which medium and long wave ultraviolet rays (UVB and UVA) weaken, ultraviolet rays are still a common cause of skin aging and blackening. Therefore, in winter, it is also necessary to pay attention to imitation sun drying. Of course, babies should not use imitation sun drying products because they can help them find umbrellas and hats when going out, and try to avoid taking their babies out in the hot sun at noon.
4. Wrinkle imitation: Pay attention to the balance of work and rest, and nutrition
The winter climate is dry, and if you don't pay attention to nourishing your baby's skin, it can cause a lot of water loss in the skin, which can easily cause temporary wrinkling. This way, the baby may not look good. After taking a shower, you can use baby care moisturizer to keep your baby's skin smooth and elastic.
5. Diet: Eat more alkaline foods and less acidic foods
In winter, the climate is dry. Babies should drink more hot water to compensate for water loss in their body and skin. Other reasonable dietary structures can improve their physical fitness.


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